Saturday, June 26, 2010


Inter Africa Committee Tanzania Dodoma Chapter was formed in 1993 and later registered as a chapter of the Inter Africa Committee Tanzania in 17th May 2000, The Inter Africa Committee was formed in order to initiate and carryout programmes for combating traditional practices that are harmful to the society in general and to the health of women and Children in particular Female Genital Mutilation (FGM, early marriages and other gender discriminatory practices. Following the serious situation of FGM practiced in 9 regions of Tanzania, the Inter African Committee Tanzania decided to step up the fight to end FGM. Women and girls from rural areas were the most affected by harmful traditional practices.

Main Activities of Dodoma Inter African Committee include:
• To conduct training to trainers on the negative effects of FGM and the urgency to prevent and abolish it in order to improve women’s and children’s health and quality of life and organize seminars and symposia that contributes information and education to public health professionals, government officials, political leaders, religious leaders and the community.
• To conduct research on matters concerning beneficial and harmful traditional practices,
• To utilize mass and traditional media including radio, TV, newspapers and publications for information dissemination on educational programs for the general public.
• To train children/youths on effects of HTPs, provoking them to take action against FGM/HTPs. Children/youth are the immediate leaders of the future world, empowering them promises a positive spillover in behavior change for the next generations.
• To sensitize the community to promote girl child access to education and provide support to girl child educational costs.

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